Capuano Andrea

Surname: Capuano

Name:  Andrea

Research topic:  Microsystems Technology - MST

Tutor:  Leandro Lorenzelli, Andrea Adami


Curriculum Studiorum: 

  • Master’s Degree: Biomedical Engineering, University of Rome “La Sapienza” – 110/110 with honors. Graduation Thesis: “Impedance Plethysmography System With Inertial Measurement Units for Motion Artefact Reduction: Application to Continuous Breath Activity Monitoring”;
  • Bachelor’s degree: Clinical Engineering, University of Rome “La Sapienza” – 109/110. Graduation Thesis: “Analysis of transtoracical impedance values and movement artifacts removal through the combined use of the FastIca Algorythm and the Vicon Technology”.


Fields of research:

  • The PhD activity focuses on the design, fabrication and experimental testing of microsystems and sensors for agrofood applications.
  • I am in a research group currently involved in EC projects promoting the use of microsystems for the analysis of safety and quality of foods, and in particular in dairy industry.


Future expectations:

  • To acquire knowledge in the field of microfluidics; assimilate research techniques and state of art of devices and sensors based on low volumes of fluids processing in order to address future challanges dealing with this technology.


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