Ethology, ecology and evolution Lab (EEELab)

The Ethology and Evolutionary Biology Lab originates from a collaboration between the CIMeC and the Museo Civico of Rovereto, within the SperimentArea project. SperimentArea is a 11.000 square meters open-air museum, 2 km away from city center, equipped for hosting scientific research and teaching activity.

In this space scientific research conducted by University staff and didactical activities for school pupils interact, with the aim of bringing the general public to know more about biological evolution and animal behaviour.

Research Activity

Research areas include behavioural lateralization in vertebrates, proto-numerical abilities in dogs, fish and anuran species, and the development of teaching laboratories for introducing school pupils to neuroscience.

Didactical Activity

Didactical activity aims is centered on the mechanisms of evolution and natural selection, in order to promote a scientifically correct and responsible attitude toward the environment.

Discovering Darwin’s Garden

The visitor can follow Charles Darwin’s pathway, discovering how plants and animals hosted in SperimentArea adapted to their environment.

Simply perfect: who said that we are “more evolved” than caterpillars? Discover the incredible adaptation of these “simple” organisms.

Vegetal Wonders: visit a collection of the most incredible plants, from carnivorous species to stone-plants, all shaped by natural selection.

Social insects: the selfless societies of bees and ants explained through genetics and behavioural biology.

Armorplated animals: encounter tortoises to learn pros and cons of life within a real armor.

Animal domestication: artificial selection is an impressive demonstration of how environmental constraints can shape structure and behaviour of animal species. In Darwin’s garden you will meet the feral ancestors of domestic chickens and discover the many breeds that were obtained from them.

Be a young Darwin: collect samples and analyze them together with an experienced naturalist.

Other activities: all over the year a number of didactical activities are hosted within the Museo Civico, covering topics ranging from genetics, natural selection, evolution of life, animal cognition, human diversity. Primary school students and younger children can also participate to the “Welcome, chick!” laboratory, observing chicks hatching and moving the first steps. 

SperimentArea - area naturalistica
SperimentArea - area botanica
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Esemplari di Bombina Orientalis
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Ethology, ecology and evolution Lab (EEELab)
Ethology, ecology and evolution Lab (EEELab)
Lithops pseudotruncatella ssp. dendritica C72
Ethology, ecology and evolution Lab (EEELab)
Ethology, ecology and evolution Lab (EEELab)
Ethology, ecology and evolution Lab (EEELab)
Ethology, ecology and evolution Lab (EEELab)
Lithops aucampiae ssp. euniceae