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The governance of education in a multicultural society

Faculty of Law, University of Trento - Conference Room

October 5th and 6th 2013

The aim of the meeting is

  • to provide a comparative framework for discussion on what is required education-wise and what is practiced – under the law or policies – in multicultural societies in Europe;
  • to elaborate a collective assessment of the practice and law in Italy and, due to its own legislative and policy-making powers, in Trentino;
  • to draw the attention of local lawyers and policy-makers to the challenges of further translating the mainstream educational vision elaborated by ELA experts into legal instruments consistent with Italian legislation and with the provincial legislative competence.

The European Association for Education Law and Policy (ELA) is an independent association, with its head office in Antwerp. Its infrastructure is provided for by the University of Antwerp.
Education and the Law is the motto of the Association.
Education has the potential to unlock the door to equality and participation, it constitutes the basis necessary for empowerment of each individual, and for the promotion of all human rights. Education law means constructing, block by block, the foundation that will support educational rights in all nations and for all peoples and individuals.
The importance of the law notwithstanding, its members are aware of the relative value of each legal principle, whether it is founded on a convention or on some other legal source. ELA aims to encourage progress in educational rights by promoting the right to education as a right, by elaborating education law as a discipline and by actively supporting every serious effort made toward the gradual and progressive codification of educational rights and educational legislation.



Saturday, October 5th

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09:00 Welcome
• Roberto Toniatti – University of Trento
• Jan De Groof – College of Europe; University of Tilburg; UNESCO Chair for the Right to Education

Chair: Gracienne Lauwers –Free University of Brussels; University of Antwerp

Education in a multicultural society: law and practice in some countries in Europe

• Merilin Kiviorg – University of Oxford; Tartu University