Who is Who



Area of research interest

Antonino ALI' EU Law, Interaction between EU Law and International Law, Protection of Human Rights in Europe, EU Counter-Terrorism Law

International Politics, International Security, Conflict Management

Luisa ANTONIOLLI Comparative Law, EU Law, Private Law
Stefano BENATI

Voting Games, Cluster Analysis, Decision Science

Luigi BONATTI Growth Theory and Theory of Sustainable Development, Macroeconomics and International Economics, Rationality and Public Choices
Matteo BORZAGA International, European and Comparative Labour and Social Law
Mauro CASELLI International Economics, Development Economics
Gustavo CORNI European History of the 20th century, German History, Comparative History of the World Wars
Giorgio Guido FODOR Evolution of International Monetary System, Economic Development, Financial History
Paolo FORADORI International Politics, International Security, Non-proliferation
Andrea FRACASSO International Economics, European Economic Integration, Chinese Economy, TFP externalities
Emanuela FRONZA International Criminal Law, Transitional Justice, Comparative Criminal Law, Freedom of Speech
Sara LORENZINI International History, Contemporary European History, Development Aid
Giuseppe NESI International Law, Law of International Institutions, International Human Rights
Michele NICOLETTI International Political Theory, Ethics, Religions and International Politics
Marco PERTILE The Law of Armed Conflicts, International Law and Natural Resources, Human Rights Protection
Catherine RILEY CLIL, Language Teaching and Learning, Translation Studies, Children's Literature, Quality Assurance, the International Classroom
Paolo ROSA Foreign Policy Analysis, Strategic Culture, Italian Foreign Policy, Chinese Politics

Organised civil society at EU level, Ethnonationalism, Anti-politics and populism, Anti-discrimination Policy

Stefano SCHIAVO International Economics, Optimum Currency Areas, Network Analysis
Jens WOELK Comparative Constitutional Law, Federalism/Regionalism, Minority-protection


Additional Teaching Staff in the current year



Area of research interest

Mark S. BEITTEL ´╗┐´╗┐Academic and Professional Writing in the Social Sciences
Paolo CARTA History of Political Thought, Political Theory, History of Diplomacy
Leslie A. ORME Legal English, Legal Translation
Richard STRAUB Academic Writing, ESP, Language Testing



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