Roberta Raffaetà


PhD In Social Sciences, Institute of Anthropology and Social Sciences, University of Lausanne (CH).

tel. +39 3382846103

Her research includes a series of related and complementary projects in the field of socio-cultural anthropology, which aim to contribute to understanding how people interact with each other and with their environments, how they organise their cultures and make them meaningful, and how people and cultures have changed over time. This with a particular focus on how people make sense of health and illness. Her current research is on migration and parenting in Trentino.

Research interests:

  • identity/community formation
  • science and technology studies
  • migration and multiculturalism

In particular, the study of cultural aspects of health and illness related to:

  • immunology and allergy
  • nutrition
  • migration and health with special focus on parenting and birth practices
  • management of cultural diversity in clinical practice and public health
  • medical pluralism
  • patient-doctor relationship and the health care system
  • anthropology of senses and embodiment

Her approach is qualitative, inductive, ethnographic with a special emphasis on the phenomenological aspects of experience. She is exploring mixed methods and likes to work on interdisciplinary and applied projects.

Research projects

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