Non-EU citizens

The first application for the stay permit for study reasons must be submitted in Trento within 8 working days from your arrival in Italy or in a Schengen Country.

In order to apply for a stay permit you have to:

Fill in the “kit permesso di soggiorno”

The "kit permesso di soggiorno" is an envelope available at the Welcome Office or at any Post Office and must be filled as following:

  • fill in the Form 1 ("Modulo 1") in capital letters and with a black pen;
  • stick a 16 euro stamp duty (marca da bollo) on the top of the first page;
  • fill in the postal payment slip of euro 30.46 that you will find inside the envelope;

and submit the following documents (also listed in “Needed documents for study reasons" in the download box below):

  • form 1 (also form 2 in case you are working as well as studying) with revenue stamp of 16 euro;
  • copy of stamped/written pages of your passport (NOT the blank ones);
  • copy of the invitation letter or other document stamped (only if possible) by the Italian Embassy/Consulate in your Country, declaring your visit purpose and according to which your visa was issued, or copy of your enrolment certificate to the University of Trento or similar declaration;
  • copy of the health insurance policy (or payment receipt), valid in Italy and for the entire duration of the stay permit;
  • receipt of the postal bulletin of euro 30.46.

Please notice: Do not close the envelope!

Go to the Post Office

You must personally hand in the open envelope to one of the authorized Post Offices (see list in the download box). At the desk you will:

  • show your passport;
  • sign form 1;
  • pay the postal bulletin of 30.46 euros;
  • pay post charge of 31.50 euros so that your kit can be sent to the Immigration office (Questura).

You will then receive:

  • a postal receipt;
  • pay receipt of the postal bulletin of 30.46 euros;
  • an appointment letter with day and time you must be at the Immigration office for the stay permit application.

Please notice: Do not loose the receipts! You will need them to pick up the stay permit when ready!

Go to the Immigration office (Questura)

You must attend the appointment given by the Post Office with the Questura. Before going to the Questura make a copy of all the documents mentioned in the Download box. At the appointment you will be fingerprinted and asked to submit the following documents:

  • your passport (only original is needed);
  • the appointment letter (received at the Post Office);
  • the postal receipts (received at the Post Office);
  • 4 passport-sized photographs with white background;
  • tax code issued by Agenzia delle Entrate;
  • updated original (and copy) of all documents you put in the envelope, that is to say:
    • if you are a matriculated student, the enrolment certificate or, in other cases, a declaration that you are attending a course/carrying out some research, specifying its duration;
    • health insurance policy (or payment receipt), valid in Italy and for the entire duration of the stay permit (you can pay in advance the enrolment to National Health System for the following calendar year);
    • documents about economic means for the entire duration of the stay permit (i.e. 500.00 euro/month for at least 6 months or Opera Universitaria/UNITN scholarsip statement);
    • housing contract

Your application will be rejected if some documents are missing!

In order to get a stay permit with the maximun duration (12 months), make sure all the above documents are also valid for 12 months. The Questura will however decide the duration of your stay permit.  Once the stay permit is issued, no change of any kind is possible. In case your stay permit is shorter than your study period, you will have to apply for a renewal. 

Should you miss the appointment with Questura:

  • for health reasons, you will have to submit to the Questura a health certificate;
  • because you were abroad for study reasons, you will have to submit to the Questura a declaration by your Professor, or reference office, where it is explained when and why you were abroad. The Welcome Office will not write any further declarations!
  • For all other reasons the application will be rejected!!

In order to apply to Questura for a new appointment (only on the above documented two cases) you have to go to Questura during opening times (Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 12.30, and  Thursday also from 15.15 to 17.45), get a number at the entrance and show it to the information desk together with the letter of the missed appointment and the declaration by your supervisor or medical certificate. They will give a new date for the appointment, usually scheduled within the following 3-4 months.

You can ask the Welcome Office for assistance during your appointment at the Questura with 3 working days' notice.

If you are abroad and come to Trento just for the appointment, plan to stay at least 3 working days so that any problems can be discussed with Welcome Office and Questura before you leave. 

In order to check if your stay permit is ready

Before going to the Questura, check on the Questura's web site if your stay permit is ready by entering the number (“numero pratica”) you will find on the receipt given you by the Questura at the appointment.

When your stay permit is ready, go back to Immigration Office (desk 6), with your passport, all the postal receipts and the receipt issued by the Questura. If you have written your mobile phone number on the stay permit application, you will also receive a text informing you that your stay permit is ready. However, please keep checking online.

In order to pick up the stay permit

Go to Desk number 6 at Immigration office, Immigration office, by showing the passport in original and all receipts in your posession (both the postal one and the Questura receipt).

Opening Hours: from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 12.30. On Thursdays also from 15.15 to 17.45



The Ministry of Internal Affairs, by means of a letter dated 17th March 2015, has provided clarification on the Integration Agreement assessment and on the educational qualifications or language certificates that may grant exemption to the international students who signed the Integration Agreement.
Students regularly enrolled in an Italian university course are not required to take the test normally required and organised by the Italian Government (neither the exam about Italian civics nor about A2 level of Italian language knowledge). This of course does not exempt students from taking any language test required by UniTrento.
International students who already signed the Integration Agreement should not receive the appointment letter sent by Commissariato del Governo for the test. Should they receive it anyway, they can disregard it.
Although passing the test associated with the Integration Agreement is not compulsory anymore, students are still entitled to attend courses of Italian language (in the way to get a A2b level) free of charge at the CLA (UniTrento Language Centre), in via Verdi 8. For more information about the type of course you can attend at CLA, please email Remember to submit a copy of the Integration agreement at the time of registration.

According to the Italian law (D.P.R.  n. 179/2011), if you stay in Italy at least one year and you are applying for the first Italian stay permit, you must undersign the ‘Integration Agreement’ when you attend the appointment with  the Immigration office.
The agreement would normally imply that you commit yourself to acquire within 2 years from your arrival:
knowledge of Italian language– level A2
some basic knowledge of Italian civics.
However Non-EU students regularly enrolled in an Italian University are now exempted, for the sole purpose of the Intergration Agreement fulfillment, from acquiring A2 level of Italian and knowledge of civics. This of course does not exempt students from taking any language test required by UniTrento.
If you are interested in learning Italian please note that you can attend Italian courses free of charge at the CLA (the University of Trento Language Centre), up to A2b level. Remember to submit a copy of the Integration Agreement at the time of registration. For further information about courses at CLA please see



Residence (Italian “Residenza”): the address, in Italy or abroad, where a student has his/her permanent home or principal establishment and pays taxes; every person is compelled to have one and only one residence at a time.
Domicile (Italian “Domicilio”): the address of  temporary stay.
N.B.: For  foreign students the request to the Municipality of Trento for registration in the “Anagrafe dei residenti” demonstrates the change of residenza to Italy. It should be noted that the request for change of residence does not necessarily imply the release of the identity card, nevertheless the belonging of an Italian Identity card demonstrates the change of residenza.
It is MANDATORY that PhD students communicate to the Doctorate Office the change of their official residence IMMEDIATELY after they have modified it. Failure to notify the change of residence may have serious consequences even if it was not-deliberate.