The Call for admission to the 30th cohort of PhD Students (year 2014-15) CLOSED on 26 May 2014.

Those who wish to be notified of next round of application, can send an email to

The information below pertain to year 2014 (Call CLOSED).

Year 2014: 7 PhD student scholarships
  • 4 scholarships funded by University of Trento
  • 1 scholarship funded by the Autonomous Province of Trento

Within the field of international studies, “Sovereignty, Democracy and Crisis”, has been chosen as a thematic focus for 2014-15 to be explored in various research projects and teaching activities at the School of International Studies. It will be addressed from multiple disciplinary perspectives (Economics, Law, Politics, Sociology, and History) through analysis of issues such as the economic-financial crisis, the evolution of European integration, participatory democracy, socio-economic development models.

For further information see the list of faculty members' research interests.

  • 1 project specific scholarship focused on “International Politics and Conflict Resolution”, funded by Foundation Bruno Kessler (FBK) - CERPIC, Trento. 
  • 1 project specific scholarship focused on “Health and Security: pharmacrimes and illegal online pharmacies in the EU and beyond”, funded by the European Commission, within the project 'Fakeshare II' managed by eCrime research group at the Faculty of Law.

Further information at the web page: topic specific scholarships

Admission Requirements

Applications will be accepted from candidates, regardless of gender, age and nationality, who have graduated with excellent marks from a master's course, a four year Italian laurea, or an equivalent programme in one of the disciplines comprising international studies (economics, history, law, political science, political philosophy, sociology). Candidates from other disciplinary backgrounds may also apply, provided that their research project clearly falls within the field of international studies.

Language Requirements

The programme is conducted entirely in English and an excellent working knowledge of that language, including a proven writing ability, is an indispensable requirement for admission. Foreign students are encouraged to obtain a working knowledge of the Italian language.


Please refer to Art. 5 of the Call.The list below provides a short and non exhaustive summary of what to include in the application on line:

  • photocopy of the