Admission to the Doctoral School in Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Candidates apply to one of two programmes in Cognitive and Brain Sciences: Cognitive Neurosciences and Language, Interaction and Computation. Admission to the programmes is open to all candidates interested in research areas of the CIMeC, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, gender, or age. Applicants must have an Italian university degree or have completed a Bachelor's and a Master's degree. Candidates who expect to be awarded their degrees by 24 October 2014 may apply.

There is one application deadline for this year's class.

Here are the 2014 admission process dates. Dates are approximate until announcement of selection is published (1st week in April).

April 8

Announcement of selection published in first half of April. Application period begins.

May 13

Application deadline (To be confirmed once the announcement is published).

(although the online application is open until 4:00 pm (GMT +1) on the due date, we strongly encourage you to complete the application a few days beforehand. If you haven't received a request to confirm your application, and confirmed it by 4:00 p.m., the online application system will block you out and your application will not be considered. No exce