Doctors of Research of the Doctorate in Cognitive and Brain Sciences

While it has been 6 years since the graduation of the CIMeC’s first cycle of PH.D students, it is evident that our students are finding very good post-doc and professional placements.

Our PH.D graduates have gone on to both academic and professional careers, in Italy and abroad.

They  have secured post-doctoral positions at the Donders’ institute, Bangor University, University of Glasgow, University of Geneva, King’s college London, Royal Holloway University of London, University of Nottingham, Monash University, University of Western Ontario, Brandeis University, Heidelberg University, Utrecht University, University of Hamburg, MPI Leipzig, Konrad Lorenz Institute of Alternberg-Vienna, and Leiden University.  Several have obtained Marie-Curie grants.

Within Italy, our graduates have found positions at the University of Pisa, CNR, University of Verona, and University of Milan-Bicocca.

In Corporate, our students have found positions at Facebook, Brain Products, and several others are self-employed psychologists or chose careers in education.

For details on alumni thesis work please see graduation years listed to the left.