Prof. Anna Cereseto
The Director of the Doctoral Program is responsible for:

  • co-ordinating and organizing the training- and administrative-work of the PhD Program;
  • calling and chairing the PhD Committee, and implementing the relevant resolutions;
  • authorizing Doctoral students, personally or through their supervisors, to leave the university to carry out further research work or internships at partner universities or at other institutions or research centers;
  • reporting to the relevant administrative offices of unjustified absences of the students, in order to suspend payment of the grant, or expel the student from the Doctorate.


Prof. Alberto Inga
The Vice-Director will stand in for the Director of the Doctorate in the event of his absence.

PhD Committee

The PhD Committee consists of full, associate professors and researchers of Trento University, researchers of Institutes participating in the partnership of the Doctoral Program. The PhD Committee is composed of:

PhD Executive Committee

The PhD Executive Committee consists of at least 4 members among full, associate professors and researchers of Trento University, including the Head. The PhD Executive Committee is composed of: