Master of Science in Physics

Course presentation

To the students the Master course in Physics offers a meaningful and flexible education, watchful to the most recent developments of scientific research and technology; it offers a solid cultural background in several fields of modern physics and in its innovative or applicative theoretical dimension, as well as a solid control of the scientific research method. The students’ education takes place in an international atmosphere, also due to the vicinity of international institutions. The students finishing their studies will be in a position to perform with wide autonomy, taking up responsibility on projects and structures in the fields of research and scientific and technological innovation; they will be able to use their knowledge, according to their specific curriculum, or for the planning of sophisticated instruments of measure, or for the modeling of complex systems in various fields of sciences as well as in less scientific fields. The entire course will be carried out in English. Students will be encouraged to fluently use the English language in written and oral form, with specific reference to educational and technical vocabulary.

Learning outcomes

The specific training objective of the Physics Master’s Degree Course at the University of Trento is to provide the students with the necessary instruments to attain a direct contact with at least one of the leading topics of the physics research, bringing a personal contribution with their thesis work. Such aim is pursued in the belief that the opening to the research world shall develop an innovative attitude in the students, regardless of the sector in which this has been carried on. Such capacity represents a value for the labour market, not necessarily limited to the academic field.