Bachelor degree in Physics

Learning outcomes

The specific objectives of the course of Bachelor in Physics of the University of Trento are:

  • to provide a solid preparation in the disciplines included in the basic activities, in particular mathematics;
  • to favour the general basic aspects of the disciplines included in the specialized activities, in particular of the structure of the matter up to the nuclear and subnuclear level;
  • to provide a solid experimental education by offering advance structures as “didactic laboratory”
  • to familiarize the student with instruments theoretical-mathematical as well as computer science-computational and technological-experimental necessary to the single disciplines;
  • to adopt appropriate didactic methodologies and of tests of the learning system, in order to integrate all the instruments mentioned in the point above;
  • to stimulate “active” learning.

Therefore the objective is to make graduated able to:

  • to carry out after a short period of training, working activities that demand familiarity with innovative technologies;
  • to carry out activity in the industry, the finance sector and services in which the analysis of complex systems, the development of models and the creation of software is requested;
  • to be able to undertake any specialization in Master Physics;
  • to bring in a methodological mentality of scientific precision and an attitude to “problem solving” in facing Master Degrees of other courses.

The course is structured in a single specialization.

The courses of the Bachelor degree in Physics are carried out in Italian language; for further information please refer to the Italian version of the web pages.