Bachelor degree in Mathematics

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Learning outcomes

The scope of the Bachelor degree in Mathematics of the University of Trento is the education of graduated students that: 

  • have a solid knowledge of the basic notions and the specific methods intrinsic of the several fields of mathematics and in particular algebra, geometry, mathematical analysis and probability;
  • demonstrate mathematical skills in the thinking, managing and calculation, and the ability to construct rigorous demonstrations;
  • is able to understand and use mathematical descriptions and models within of the physics, natural sciences, engineering, economy and human sciences; suitable computer science competences;
  • possesses useful knowledge in order to critically think about mathematics and science, and about their methods and their development and their relationship with human sciences and society;
  • Is able to study independently mathematical texts, in Italian and English, and to expose the material studied in written and oral form, fit for different types of public, using current  informatics tools;
  • has competences and instruments to communicate and manage information;
  • is able to work in a team and integrates into job environment;
  • is ready to quickly learn new concepts and methods.
The courses of the Bachelor degree in Mathematics are carried out in Italian language; for further information please refer to the Italian version of the web pages.