Blended courses - in Povo

In the 2014/2015 academic year in Povo, three cycles of blended English courses will be offered at the B1 and B2 level, aimed in particular at students who have to pass the Department Language Examination for the first and/or second language as part of their degree course.

The courses are organised as follows:

  • one lesson per week in the classroom (or three lessons per week on the intensive courses) for a total of 36 "academic" hours (or 27 effective classroom hours) for B1 level, and of 33 “academic” hours (or 25 effective classroom hours) for B2 level;
  • self-study, monitored by the teacher, through the purchase of a login name and password for the MEC (Macmillan English Campus), an interactive online package of English courses with an extensive and constantly updated resource bank.

When two courses are offered e.g. “B1 blended type 1” and “B1 blended type 2”, please note that these courses have the same level but different content so students are free to decide to enrol for the B1 type 1 or B1 type 2 course as they wish. No course book is required for the blended courses.

Further information about the courses is available in the “Further informa