Legal notes

Legal notes

These legal notes will detail, in line with the 2011 Guidelines of the Ministry of Public Administration the general features of the contents of the website of the University of Trento, how to treat this information correctly, the resulting responsibilities and the rules for the use of the downloadable materials.
Table of contents:

  1. Copyright
  2. Use of the University website
  3. Access to external connected websites
  4. Download of downloadable materials from the website.


The contents of the website – texts, graphic elements, scripting code, charts, images, sounds and all other information – are protected in line of the document as far as intellectual works. Software products and information contents if not otherwise established, can be downloaded or used only for personal purposes or anyway not for commercial use and quoting the source.
Users are allowed to use, copy and distribute documents and relevant images available on the website, only upon written permission.
The copyright notes, where authors and the source are details, must be anyway quoted in all forms of publication, however created and/or disseminated.
The website respects the intellectual properties of third parties. For this reason suitable measures will be adopted in order to ensure that the reproduction of any information will only be possible after the full agreement of the holders of the intellectual property rights.
Published images, if not otherwise specified, come from the following archives:,, AgF Bernardinatti, Alessio Coser and Paolo Chistè.

Use of the University website

The website of the University of Trento provides general information on the activities of the University and the offered services. In order to provide updated and correct information, we kindly require users to signal any inaccuracies or malfunctioning sending an email message to

The University is not responsible for the contents, information and details published in the website and the correctness, update and completeness thereof.

As far as legal texts, rules and legal norms published on the website, the University of Trento does not guarantee that they correspond to the officially adopted texts, for which the publications of the relevant bodies should be consulted.
The University of Trento will minimize malfunctioning due to technical problems. Nevertheless parts of data and information published on the website could be inserted or structured in formats and archives which may contain errors. Therefore the services may be interrupted or otherwise disturbed because of these problems.

The University of Trento shall never be responsible of damages of any nature, directly or indirectly caused by accessing the website, using the relevant services and the interactive tools.
The University of Trento has the right to inhibit, prohibit or suspend, at all times and without prior notice, the access to this website and related services.

Access to external connected websites

The publishing of a hypertext link to another website does not imply any approval, even partial and/or indirect, by the University of Trento, as for the content and use of the external website. The external website is fully independent from the Unitn website and the University does not exercise any control on its contents, quality and completeness of the information published therein.

The University of Trento shall not be held responsible, directly or indirectly, of the contents, services, programmes published in the external website connected to the Unitn website and their use by the users.
The owners and/or responsible for the external websites are exclusively responsible for the contents and use of the external websites.

As for the possible presence of the University of Trento on social media and social networks, please refer to the services terms and conditions regarding copyright which the users are required to know and verify.

Download materials from the website

The objects, programmes and products (documents, software, etc.) which can be downloaded from the website are protected abiding by the current norm regarding copyright and industrial property. Users may download such elements for personal purposes only, not for commercial purposes and only after verifying the use terms and conditions as established by the owners.

The University of Trento encourages users to verify the rights and the terms of use and conditions of the programmes and products which can be downloaded and it is explicitly excluded from any resulting responsibility.