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The Integrative Genomics Viewer

James T. Robinson, Broad Institute of Massachusetts, Institute of Technology and Harvard, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Faculty of Science, Polo F. Ferrari, Povo - Room A207

March 9, 2012
11:30 a.m.

Advances in “next generation” sequencing and other high-throughput technologies are enabling researchers to study the genome in unprecedented detail. However, the sheer size and diversity of datasets produced by these platforms present significant challenges to downstream interpretation. While much progress has been made in automated analysis, human review enabled by intuitive and responsive visualizations remains an essential component of data analysis. The Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) was developed to help address this need by providing researchers with an intuitive, user-friendly, interactive visualization tool for exploration of diverse genomic datasets. IGV has extensive support for both next-generation and micro-array based platforms, and for integration of these data types with clinical and phenotypic data. It provides an intuitive interface similar to online mapping tools such as Google Maps, enabling smooth zooming and panning at all resolution scales, from whole genome to base pairs. Data can be annotated, filtered, grouped, and sorted in a variety of ways. This ability to dynamically and flexibly integrate multiple different datasets, and view them at any scale, allows investigators to elucidate complex biological relationships that are not otherwise readily apparent.  In this presentation I will describe the Integrative Genomics Viewer and present case studies drawn from the Cancer Genome Atlas, Encode, and 1000 genomes projects.


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