Research programs

Research at CIBIO covers a number of topics all emphasizing experimental analysis at various levels of biological organization, and are roughly focused on four major research programs: Cancer Biology & Genomics, Cell & Molecular Biology, Microbiology & Synthetic Biology, Neurobiology & Development.


The program Cancer Biology & Genomics is characterized by a strong focus on fundamental studies directed to molecular determinants of gene expression control conducted also with a network-oriented approach. The applicative goal of this research is the description of pathways involved in cancer onset and progression, and the identification of bioactive molecules in a drug screening setting.

The program Cell & Molecular Biology addresses research topics such as intracellular trafficking, host-virus interaction, RNA and protein homeostasis, and molecular mechanisms controlling the turn-over of nucleic acids and proteins.

The program Microbiology & Synthetic Biology conjugates the identification of genes and small molecules involved in the virulence of pathogenic microorganisms and the mechanisms of their action with the experimental investigation of the first phases of protocell evolution.

The program Neurobiology & Development aims to identify and characterize genetic determinants of CNS development which could also contribute to the proposal of mechanistic explanations for the onset and progression of CNS pathologies, and of their possible novel therapies.


The research programs established at CIBIO are interconnected by a high degree of internal co-operation, in the setting of a vibrant experimental environment characterized by the co-ordinated work of young independent group leaders and advanced postdoctoral fellows.


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